Hotel Scheelsminde, Aalborg, Denmark

A perfect blend of tranquility and gastronomy

Hotel Scheelsminde is a modernized manor house that blends modern style with historical heritage into a timeless and exclusive universe. Located in beautiful surroundings in Aalborg, Denmark, the hotel offers a unique experience where guests can enjoy charm and elegance. The hotel strives to create an atmosphere that captures the essence of both the past and the present. Hotel Scheelsminde values sustainability and environmental consciousness. It proudly holds the Green Key certification, which confirms its adherence to stringent environmental standards across various areas.
Close up of Cane-line Choice chair cushion with Cane-line focus dark grey cushion material
Foreyard with two white Cane-line Breeze lounge chairs with green bushes and pink flowers

A culinary journey at Restaurant Bühlmann

Restaurant Bühlmann, located at Hotel Scheelsminde, offers an extraordinary dining experience that combines the rich history of the estate and Bühlmann's Swiss roots. The restaurant takes pride in its meticulous selection of the finest local and seasonal ingredients. 

The restaurant exudes a welcoming and cosy atmosphere, creating the perfect dining experience with modern and comfortable furniture. Cane-line's outdoor Choice chairs were selected for the terrace décor due to their flexible design options that perfectly match Restaurant Bühlmann’s needs and preferences. The result of choosing the Choice chair is a modern Scandinavian style, featuring a teak base and dark grey Cane-line Focus cushions.  

The Choice shells are made with up to 98% recycled polypropylene, making them an excellent choice for Hotel Scheelsminde's sustainable objectives for a more environmentally friendly future. The shells are designed to be easily disassembled, allowing for easy washing or changing, and even for efficient sorting of the different materials. This not only contributes to waste reduction but also encourages recycling practices. Read more about Cane-line's Responsible Principles here.

Outdoor dining setting af Restaurant Buhlmann with four outdoor Choice dining chairs in dark grey
Teak Combine planter with steel bucket and bottles. Bottle holder, flower planter, teak look
Close ups of two dark grey Cane-line dining chairs at Restaurant Buhlmann outdoor terrace
Restaurant Buhlmann's terrace, outdoor dining, dining chairs and dining table from Cane-line Choice and Pure series